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David H. Ebaugh
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Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, Certified Chemical Dependency Counselor
David H. Ebaugh, MA, MAS, LCPC, CCDC, CEAP

1970  B.A., Psychology,  University of Maryland 
1975  M.A.Psy., Psychology,  University System of Georgia, West Georgia College
1983  M.A.S., Administrative Science,  John's Hopkins University  

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, January 1999, #LC 0084  
Certified Professional Counselor, State of Maryland, May 1990, #0894  
Certified Chemical Dependency Counselor, State of Maryland, July 1992, #0694  
Certified Employee Assistance Professional (CEAP), May 1988, #002411

David Ebaugh is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor who enjoys working with late adolescents and/or adults.  Many of his clients are seen because they want to feel better from anxiety and/or depression.  See specialty areas below.

Substance Abuse:  David is a Certified Chemical Dependence Counselor.  He enjoys working with both alcohol and other chemical dependencies.  An ongoing dual diagnosis, chemical dependency therapy group is offered on Monday nights.     
DWI evaluations appropriate for use in court are available upon request. 

Marriage Counseling:  David assists couples in rebuilding their marriage connections.

Domestic Mediation:  David is a mediator for court referred and private couples seeking to end their marriage in a mutually respectful and non-adversarial way. 

Parenting Coordinator:  David is a court appointed Parenting Coordinator for the Circuit Court of Carroll County, Maryland.  He educates, mediates, and arbitrates for post divorce high conflict families where the focus is on eliminating conflict and resolving issues, always, in the best interest of the children.  

For those discriminating consumers who would like to view David Ebaugh's detailed Resume. (Click Here

Divorce Mediator, Marriage Counselor, 
Substance Abuse Treatment
DWI Evaluations for Court.