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David H. Ebaugh

Divorce Mediation: Since 1999, David has been a court appointed mediator for the Circuit Court of Carroll County, Mayland.  He accepts court and private referrals of couples seeking to end their marriage in a mutually respectful and non-adversarial way. 

Divorce Coaching:  As a member of a collaborative law team, David works with divorcing couples to help them divorce outside the court room.

Parenting Coordinator:  David is a court appointed Parenting Coordinator for the Circuit Court of Carroll County, Maryland.  He educates, mediates and arbitrates for post divorced high conflict families with a focus on the best interests of their children.  

Substance Abuse:  David is a Certified Chemical Dependence Counselor.  He enjoys working with both alcohol and other chemical dependencies.  
 DWI Evaluations:  appropriate for use in court are available upon request.

Individual Counseling: David is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor who enjoys working with late adolescents and/or adults.  Many of his individual clients are seen because they want to feel better from anxiety and/or depression.   

Marriage Counseling David assists couples in rebuilding their marriage connections using Sue Johnson's Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) technology and John Gottman's research on making marriages work.



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Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, Certified Chemical Dependency Counselor
Divorce Mediator, Marriage Counselor, 
Substance Abuse Treatment
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