Taking Power Struggles Out of Parenting

Sunday, NOVEMBER 11, 2012   2PM TO 4PM
Workshop Fee - $25

Westminster Church of the Brethren 
Fellowship Hall
1 Park Place
Westminster Maryland 21157

Westminster Church of the Brethren

Workshop Goal:  To help parents communicate honestly with their children without getting defensive or into power struggles—no matter how your children act.

About the Workshop: Parents often struggle to achieve balance between setting the limits children and teens need to be secure and the freedom they need to grow as individuals. In this workshop you will find practical tools for transforming your family — creating an environment that enhances your child's security and freedom, respect and openness, competence and spontaneity, reciprocity and creativity.

Sharon Strand Ellison, the author of Taking the War Out of Our Words, is a pioneer in the field of eliminating defensiveness. An international communication consultant and award-winning speaker, Sharon is the Founder and Executive Director of the Institute for Powerful Non-Defensive Communication.

Sharon and her daughter, Ami Atkinson, produced the audiobook, Taking Power Struggle Out of Parenting, winner of a Benjamin Franklin Award.
The creator of the Powerful Non-Defensive Communication process, Sharon is dedicated to the belief that learning to communicate with non-defensive power is a crucial key to our capacity for solving the majority of problems we face at every level — home, work, and community. She brings her cutting-edge theory together with a remarkable ability for demonstrating practical, realistic, life-changing skills. Her ability to role-play further enhances her clarity and enlivens her presentations. Sharon inspires audiences by modeling what she teaches with honesty, humor, and integrity.

In her workshops, Sharon shows how for centuries, across lines of race, class, and culture, we've used the "rules of war" as the infra -structure for verbal interactions.  Sharon demonstrates how this traditional model of Communication prompts us -- at a physiological level -- to have instant defensive responses to the slightest provocation.
Thus, quite pervasively, we are interacting in ways that systemically create and accelerate conflict, even with those we love most.

The model Sharon offers is built entirely on non-defensive methods of communication, where each person can speak with clarity, power and compassion without being dependent on others for cooperation. Because the process does not require trying to control or manipulate others into responding in certain ways, it frees us from power struggle. As a result, others often instantly drop their own defenses. Using these skills, we can see a different side of human nature and create a different reality.

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Sharon’s Parenting CDs:
(1) The Authority Continuum,
(2) Limit Setting: Creating Firm, Nurturing Boundaries,
(3) Your Child's Life as Story: Asking Curious, Disarming Questions, and
(4) Conversations Your Child Will Cherish: Having Honest, Equal Talks.

CD Selections: Taking Power Struggle Out of Parenting:
A Couple’s Argument over Daughter’s Rudeness –Jose & Idallia (CD 6, Track 8)
Teenager Complains about the Bike Dad Bought Him –Tighe & Frankie (CD 3, Track 14)
Homework Process & a Child’s Self-Esteem – Lisa & Denise  (CD 3, Tracks 3 & 22)
5-Year-Old Child Sets Limit with Parent:  —Sam & Ami  (CD 2, Track 26)